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June Wrap Up

Hey all, I know it’s already almost a week into July, but with the holiday it was a little busy at my house. I had to play protector to my dogs who were terrified of the fireworks. Thankfully, my neighborhood didn’t go all out like they normally do, so we only had to really deal with it for two days. Other than that, it was nice just being able to stand in my living room and watch fireworks without having to deal with mosquitos and the summer heat! How did you spend your fourth?

This month was a good reading month for me. I was able to read a good amount of books, but then I hit a reading slump near the end of the month. =/ I’m going on vacation soon (and we’re driving, ugh) so hopefully I’ll be able to read a bunch of books on the road.

This month I read:

Not bad considering I’ve been reading like one book a month during the Spring semester. I feel like now that it’s summer I have more time to do things, but I just have no motivation to do so, especially since I am supposed to be writing my thesis which is due at the end of the month!

  1. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher 4 out of 5 stars
  2. Bad Blood by Demitria Lunetta 3 out of 5 stars
  3. Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson 4 out of 5 stars
  4. Fallen Flame by J.M. Miller 3 out of 5 stars
  5. Rook by Sharon Cameron 4 out of 5 stars
  6. House of Ash by Hope Cook 4 out of 5 stars

I really suck at giving myself a monthly TBR pile, so I’m not going to make one the month of July. I’ll just read whatever book I pick up, because honestly it’s probably been on my TBR shelf for awhile. I’ll just set a goal of reading 5 books this month! I think that will be more obtainable!

In June, other than reading and my normal weekly blog posts, I started an ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon hosted by Sam @RiverMoose-Reads. You can check out my first post with all of the info below. If you have a bunch of unread ARCs you can still join! It goes until the end of the month!

ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon

I am on a book buying ban, so I haven’t bought a single book since probably April! Which I am very proud of myself for. Although I really want Sarah Dessen’s new book that just came out earlier in June, and of course when Leigh Bardugo release’s her book all bets are off!

How was your month of June? Did you accomplish any reading or blogging goals?

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House of Ash Book Review

House of Ash by Hope Cookhouseofash

Expected publication: September 26th 2017 by Amulet Books

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

eArc provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads Summary:

After hearing voices among an eerie copse of trees in the woods, seventeen-year-old Curtis must confront his worst fear: that he has inherited his father’s mental illness. A desperate search for answers leads him to discover Gravenhearst, a labyrinth mansion that burned down in 1894. When he locks eyes with a steely Victorian girl in a forgotten mirror, he’s sure she’s one of the fire’s victims. If he can unravel the mystery, he can save his sanity . . . and possibly the girl who haunts his dreams.

But more than 100 years in the past, the girl in the mirror is fighting her own battles. When her mother disappears and her sinister stepfather reveals his true intentions, Mila and her sister fight to escape Gravenhearst and unravel the house’s secrets—before it devours them both.

House of Ash

I wasn’t expecting much when I started reading this book, mainly because I have never heard of the author or book but the premise sounded very interesting. It gave me a Dawn Kurtagich kind of vibe, so I figured if anything it would be enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised that the book had me hooked basically at the very beginning.

This book is told in two POV’s Mila back in the 1890’s and Curtis from present day. I wasn’t sure how the two POV’s will be connected or if they will in any way, but I really liked how the author utilized them. I personally liked Milas’ part of the story a whole lot more, mainly because that was the part that most of the supernatural stuff was happening. Curtis’ POV was more him trying not to let people think he was beginning to have a mental illness like his father. The way that the author started to weave their two stories together though was very interesting and made the story more enjoyable.

The authors writing style reminded me a little bit of Dawn Kurtagich’s style, especially when the story centered around Mila and the supernatural. It was a little bit gothic in the sense that the author made the setting seem super dark and creepy when the story was being centered around Gravenhearst. The author also included illustrations at the end of some chapters. They weren’t needed but they helped add a little extra to what you were currently reading. Especially when it dealt with anything about Mila and Gravenhearst.

Character wise the only ones that stood out were Mila and Curtis. The supporting characters, while they played a big role in helping the plot advance, didn’t seem to be as fleshed out as the two main ones. Some of the characters seemed to just be placed in the scene for convenience than an actual purpose. Overall, it didn’t bother me too much because I liked the plot and how quickly it was advancing.

I enjoyed this book overall, but I wish that it had a stronger ending. It seemed as if the big climax happened and then everything was kind of loosely tied up in the end. My biggest question is what is going to happen to Curtis and his sister now? I have some other questions, but I don’t want to say anything because that would spoil some major parts of the book.


Side note: This little guy is 7 years old today!! I can’t believe he has been in my life for that long and can’t wait to see what the next 7 years brings us!