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The Dead House Review

theDeadHouseThe Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

Published August 6, 2015 by Orions Children’s Books

I give this 5 out of 5 stars!

Wow. Just wow. This story was hauntingly beautiful! At first I was a little confused by how the story was being told. We are about 25 years after the “incident” that the entire story is revolved upon. Everything unfolds through diary entries, video clips, medical transcripts, and police records. Just to make things even more confusing, we are given snippets of records and interviews after the incident as well. After I got used to the going back and forth from past and present, I really started to get into the story.

This wasn’t just your typical novel, and I liked that a lot! I checked this book out on a whim because the description looked very interesting. I am so glad that I did! Nothing was what I expected it to be! First off our main character(s) by themselves would be enough for a story, but to add in the paranormal as well was just the icing on the cake. Kaitlin and Carly are sisters, who are two souls who share one body. Carly is the light half who only comes out in the day time, and Kaitlin is the dark half who comes out at night. Everyone believes that Carly is the real person and that Kaitlin is her alter ego created to help her get past her parent’s accident that caused their death. Throughout the entire story Kaitlin and Carly are a rock and they believe in each other, but when Carly disappears Kaitlin starts to waver and begins to think she is crazy. Almost everyone tries to convince Kaitlin that she isn’t real, and through her journal entries we get a sense of the crazy! Kaitlin begins as a sane person trying to connect to the world and as the story goes on she gets more and more frantic. We never knew what was real and what was going on inside her head.

Kaitlin begins to suspect everyone, I had my suspicions on who the culprit is, and tries to figure out which of her friends has betrayed her. But when the reveal came, I couldn’t say that I was surprised. It all started to make sense!

If you enjoy horroresque books, then I would definitely suggest you check this one out! It kind of reminded me of the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose, only I enjoyed the book a whole lot better than the movie. I don’t typically like horror movies, but books on the other hand I can handle. I guess because I can always stop and pick it back up later.

Whereas I wouldn’t really say this book was “scary”, I mean it had its moments, by psychologically it was scary. It had you thinking is Carly/Kaitlin real or just a figment of Carly’s mind?
I enjoyed Kurtagich’s debut novel very much, and I will definitely check out her second book that will be published in 2016!

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