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My New Obsession

Last month, I was at the mall with a friend and he took me into Hot Topic. Normally, I don’t shop at Hot Topic at least I haven’t since high school, so I was a little skeptical about going in. But then, I saw this wonderful wall of Funko Pop! I was like a kid in a candy shop! I have never seen these collectibles before and I had to have them all!!! I started off with just buying the Hermione in her Yule ball dress. As you can see they have multiplied very quickly in only a month. So my goal was to collect all of the Harry Potters and a few Disney Princesses. Boy, that didn’t last very long. Now, I have to get True Blood and a few Marvel characters!

I shared my new obsession with another friend of mine, and guess what she just had to tell me?! Funko Pop is releasing Sailor Moon collectibles sometime in April. O.M.G. my 90’s fangirling is about to come back! I was obsessed with this show and the movies back in the day. My friends and I used to fight over who would get to be Sailor Moon (we compromised and decided no one got to be her).

Aren’t they cute??

Sailor Moon Funko Pop Figures at New York Toy Fair 2016

For the life of me I could not find when they were officially going to be released! Most of the pre-orders that I have found are being shipped in May/June. I just happened to be in Game Stop last night, and the guy told me that I could start purchasing them on May 15th in store! So naturally, I already pre-ordered Sailor Moon and Luna! Can’t wait for them to become available!