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Lit-Cube Live Sale Review

Lit-Cube is a monthly subscription box curated by Peggy and her team that sends you a book, a wearable, and other little bookish goodies.

The cost: $29.99/month + $4.99 s/h to U.S. and $14.99 s/h to Canada

<–This is what it looks like on the inside, after you first open it! The anticipation is exciting. This months theme was “Sherlocked” and it has all things Sherlockian inside!! I always like their description cards, and this month is no exception!


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I had to stop my subscription service at the beginning of the year, and since I’ve stopped they’ve added some new features! One new thing is that they’ve added a rewards program! You can earn rewards by leaving reviews on Amazon of the books you receive in the subscription boxes (15 points for the current featured book, and 5 points for recent past titles), and you also get a point for every $1 you spend! With your reward points, you can either get a discount on subscription boxes or on items in their shop. I honestly like this idea and wish they had started it sooner (while I was still subscribing, I might have to re-subscribe after I finish grad school and get my big girl job).

This year Lit-Cube has started to do live sales on Facebook, and I just so happened to catch one (I think they have only done one before this one). It was definitely an interesting process, and I had to restrain myself from purchasing more than one box. All of their “boxes” for sale were first come first serve and they only had a certain amount of each one. This one had a mix of compilations of past boxes of their Stars Hallow subscription and their normal Lit-Cube subscription.

The box that I ended up buying was a compilation of 3 past Lit-Cube boxes, that they called Live Laugh Love box (I think mine was #1 out of 2 different ones). This one cost $50 and included all the items below:


This tote came from their “Live Laugh Love” February box. This has an estimated value of $20.


The Lady of Sherwood by Molly Bilinsky was from their May box. On Amazon the value is $6.95 (retail value of $10.95).

This looks like it’ll be an interesting retelling of Robin Hood.

The girl who was on fire” Bookmark by Lexy Olivia. This has a value of $6.

Arrow bangle bracelet. This has an estimated value of $10.


Bellamy and the Brute by Alicia Michaels was from their March box. This book has a value of $7.52 (retail value of $10.95).

Can you sense the theme yet? This box is all about different fairy tale retellings (this box also came out when the new Beauty and the Beast movie came out, so it was very fitting).


4 oz tin from In the Wick of Time– Belle’s Books (value of $10.99)

This is a soy vegan candle that smells really nice and not very over powering. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the lid off so I’ll have to get my husband to try when he gets home later.


Also included from the March box, was this Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest lip balm by Olive Kisses. This has a listed value of $2.99.

img_3607 by River Laurent was from their June box. This has a value of $12.49 on Amazon.

From this box we received The Glass Slipper bath salts from Two Wild Hares. I always like when boxes have bath salts or wax melts in them, because it always makes the entire box smell good! This particular scent has a value of $6.95. This bubble salt blend has Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt & sea salt blended with an elegant fragrance of passion fruit and acai berry.

“Have Courage and be Kind” Bookmark. It kind of looks like one of those headbands that’s not supposed to leave a crease with a little embellishment. This probably has an estimated value of $8.

The last item from this past box was this little Cinderella trinket box. This probably has an estimated value of $10.


Overall, this has an estimated value of $101.89. Even though it cost more than their normal subscription box, I think I like doing the live sale more. For one you get to see everything before hand so you can decide if you want it or not (although part of the charm is being able to unbox new items every month).

Before I checked out with my goodies, I took advantage of their buy one get one free deals and bought their Stars Hallow coloring book set and passport holder for $25.

I love that the coloring book set came with a canvas pouch and coloring pencils!



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