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Reap the Shadows Review

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Reap the Shadows by Annette Mariereaptheshadows

Steel and Stone Series Book #4

Published: October 16th 2015 by Annette Marie

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

Piper is feeling a bit overwhelmed. With Seiya and Lyre missing, Ash recovering from near fatal injuries, and the Gaians picking fights with daemons all over the city, a girl can’t help but think she might be in over her head. And this time, she’s on her own.

Before she even has a chance to investigate the Gaians’ new stockpile of mysterious, high-tech weaponry, an old enemy ambushes her: Samael’s henchman Raum. He wants Ash’s help and won’t take “get lost” for an answer. She doesn’t know if she can trust Raum, but even more than that, she can’t trust herself with Ash. Sooner or later he’ll catch up to her, and she fears she won’t be able to walk away from him a second time.

Despite her feelings, it will take their combined strength to face a frightening discovery about the Gaians. She and Ash begin to realize that the daemon war is coming to Earth, and they might be the only ones who can stop it — if it’s not already too late.

As much as I love this series, this book was a bit of a let down after the first couple of books. I even enjoyed the short story more than this one!

“That was her problem: not that she was weak, but that she was willing to be weak when someone stronger was around to save her.”

In one sentence that is basically the whole plot of this book. For about 75% of the book Piper was very annoying about being the weak link, and then she wouldn’t even do anything to fix it. This book got a little difficult to read because of it. I wanted the strong, go in kicking and screaming Piper from the previous books. So as she is on this “journey” to find her strength to fight her own battles, she continues to push Ash away in fear that he will get hurt. Um…how many books is this going to happen? Can’t they just be together already so that the plot can advance?

Speaking of the plot, it was kind of lacking in this book. Compared to the other books, this one barely advanced at all and then at the end it was as if the author tried to cram everything into a few pages. Hopefully the last book will be redeem the series and be an ending we all want!!! ::crosses fingers::

Overall, this book was alright. It seemed more as a filler than an actual progression in the series. Although, the last battle and ending had me hooked to find out what happens next!


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