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Steel and Stone Books 1 and 2 Review

Chase the Dark by Annette Mariechasethedark

Steel and Stone Book #1

Published: October 12th 2014 by Annette Marie

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

Piper Griffiths wants one thing in life: To become a Consul, a keeper of the peace between humans and daemons. There are three obstacles in her way.

The first is Lyre. Incubus. Hotter than hell and with a wicked streak to match. His greatest mission in life is to get Piper into bed and otherwise annoy the crap out of her. The second is Ash. Draconian. Powerful. Dangerous. He knows too much and reveals nothing. Also, disturbingly attractive — and scary. Did she mention scary?

The third is the Sahar Stone. Top secret magical weapon of mass destruction. Previously hidden in her Consulate until thieves broke in, went on a murder spree, and disappeared with the weapon.

And they left Piper to take the fall for their crimes.

Now she’s on the run, her dreams of becoming a Consul shattered and every daemon in the city gunning to kill her. She’s dead on her own, but there’s no one she can trust — no one except two entirely untrustworthy daemons … See problems one and two.

I received this book as an arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I read this back in April before I really started to blog, so I didn’t write a formal review like I would normally. Because of this book though, I started to read the rest of the series, and I can’t get enough of it! Piper, Ash, and Lyre get into so many scrapes that it’s amazing only 4 days in the book have passed before it’s over. This book has everything; supernatural beings, mystery, action, and a tiny bit of romance that could be expanded on in the rest of the series.

Bind the Soul by Annette Mariebindthesoul

Steel and Stone Book #2

Published: January 9th 2015 by Annette Marie

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:

The most important rule for an Apprentice Consul is simple: Don’t get involved with daemons. Well, Piper is planning to break that rule — big time.

After a near-deadly scandal with the Sahar Stone, she has the chance to return to the only life she’s ever wanted. All she has to do to keep her Apprenticeship is forget about Ash and Lyre. Ash might be enigmatic and notoriously lethal, and Lyre might be as sinfully irresistible as he is irritating, but they’re not bad for a couple of daemons.

There’s just one problem: Ash is missing.

Really, she shouldn’t risk her future for him. He lied. He betrayed her. But he also saved her life, damn it. Wherever he is, he’s in trouble, and if she doesn’t save his sorry butt, who will? But with every dangerous secret she unravels, each one darker than the last, she slips deeper into Ash’s world — a world with no escape for either of them.

It has been a few months since I have read the first book, but Marie does a good job of briefly explaining the first book so that you aren’t confused or lost. This book takes place 5 weeks after the first book ended, and Ash is missing. So Piper goes on a mission with Lyre to help find him. With that being said the pacing in this book is very quick. Piper gets herself into some very tense situations, and you wonder how she is going to make it out alive. The mood for a portion of the book gets very dark and intense, more so than in the first book.

We are introduced to new characters in this book, and Samael makes the perfect villain. Although, to be fair, in this series anytime you are dealing with a daemon they could be friend or foe at any given time. We also get to know the mysterious Ash a tiny bit more. He is probably one of the main reasons I really like this series thus far. I wonder how Ash will handle his PTSD after being tortured for 5 weeks.

I think I enjoyed this book a little bit more than the first one! This had all the elements that I love in a book series, and I can’t wait to pick up the third book!



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