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Starstruck Review

Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt18374994 (1)

Published: August 22, 2013 by Createspace

Goodreads summary:

Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict “aunt,” she’s not even sure who she is. M’s dream of someday escaping tiny Jewel, Indiana and making her mark in the world seems impossibly distant until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably befriends her. As Rigel turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M, strange things start to happen: her acne clears up, her eyesight improves to the point she can ditch her thick glasses, and when they touch, sparks fly—literally! When M digs for a reason, she discovers deep secrets that will change her formerly humdrum life forever . . . and expose her to perils she never dreamed of. Yes, the middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!

I wish I could say that there was something I enjoyed about this book, but I can’t. I didn’t enjoy this book at all, and all I can say is that I am glad I got this book for free.

“I never would have believed a guy—any guy—could affect me like this.”

Marsha is probably the worst main character I have ever read, and that is saying something because I have read a lot of books in my lifetime. She falls in love with Rigel after hearing him talk for the very first time. Let’s be honest, this is the worst cliche ever and authors should just stop using it. This was the first in many cliches in this entire book, but really the whole book is one. M’s whole life now is dedicated to Rigel; her every thought, emotion, she is basically obsessed with him. When they fake break up, she becomes very depressed and pines over Rigel. If I wasn’t listening to the audiobook while I worked, I would have thrown the book across the room.

Also, lets talk about the “twist” in this book. Marsha finds out she is an alien from Mars… Ok…but it gets better, she is not only an alien from Mars, but she is also their long lost princess! All I could think about what Princess Diaries when Mia said “shut. up.” I think from here I really lost interest in the book. (Well, if I am honest with myself, it was way before then)

“I admitted, still drinking in his eyes, his amazing face. I never seemed to get enough of that.”

Even when her life was in danger, she just thought that the adults were just lying to her to get her to cooperate. If I am a long lost princess and was told that the bad guys who killed my parents and grandparents were after me, I think I would have listened to them and been very cautious. Instead, what does she do? Goes right up to the guy to see if he recognizes her as the girl they were looking for. She also cared more about her relationship and going to the homecoming dance than the “danger” that was around her.

If you are looking for a good alien novel, then this is not for you. If you are looking for something similar to The 5th Wave look elsewhere!

I give this novel 1 out of 5 stars (and even a 1 is being generous)


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