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Teardrop Review

I believe I should have trusted my instinct and stayed away from this book. I read most of the Fallen series, but I couldn’t really tell you what happened. I have a feeling that this series is going to fall into that category.

Teardrop has a beautiful cover and from the synopsis I thought it would be a pretty decent book. Bus alas that was not to be, it was just mediocre. I was drawn in by the synopsis about a girl who is told to never cry who finds out about an ancient story about a girl who cried an entire continent into the ocean. Sounds promising right? Well I waited almost the entire book to see how both things are connected. Seriously, almost 75% of the book went by before events started to escalate.

When Eureka (what kind of name is that? Nice try on the nickname too, Reka?) is told to never cry ever again, she listens to her mother and holds everything back. No questions, no wondering why, she just does it. I don’t know how someone could train herself not to cry, I can’t even watch The Notebook without sobbing at the end. After Eureka’s mother dies, does she cry then? Nope. Eureka is a very whiny judgemental character. She is always quick to condescend on other female characters in the book and is just not a good friend in general. The only person she says good things about is her mother, and that is until she finds out about all the secrets Diana kept from her.

All the other female characters in the book are not portrayed in a good way as well.

Cat the supposedly best friend is viewed as the token African American friend who thinks about sex way too much. “‘You think everything is about sex.’” (p. 167)

Rhoda is referred to as the “stepmonster” and I can see that. All the dialogue between Eureka and Rhoda are harsh and very unloving. We don’t know why Rhoda doesn’t like her stepdaughter and why she treats her this way. I get that we have a Cinderella theme going on with the evil stepmother, but Kate could at least give us some background as to why there is such animosity. “It looks like you were just bumming around with Brooks. You know it’s a school night. What happened with the therapist? I hope you didn’t do anything to embarrass me.” (p. 102) The only redeeming quality for Rhoda is at the end. (I won’t spoil what happens but at least something happened)

Maya Cayce is the girl that used to be friends with Eureka, but for some reason hates her now. So what does Eureka do? Hate her right on back and always calls her a slut.

Okay, so enough about the characters, because I could go on all day. Let’s talk about the love story part of the book. I mean is she for real?? Obviously, we have our love triangle and instant-love situation going on. Typical. First Eureka meets Ander after he rear ends her car at a stop sign. Her response is to yell at him, and then get into a car with him. “He was the hottest guy she’d ever yelled at. He might have been the hottest boy she’d ever seen.” (p. 34). At least she thought how could she be mad at him one moment and then smiling at him the next? Throughout most of the novel we see Ander popping up a few times until near the end where he finally stays. And what do we find out? He has been watching Eureka since the day she was born! This is stalking gone bad. And how does Eureka handle this? Oh, she just kisses him for a very long time because while he was professing his undying love to her, this was the only response she could give. “‘Every moment of your life, I have fallen more deeply in love with you.’” (p. 394) Eureka responds by trying “to transmit the words she couldn’t find with a kiss” (p. 394) So that is our instant lover portion. Now on to our love triangle. Brooks apparently has been in love with Eureka since they were kids. I did like them together, because it wasn’t a cliche and they actually knew each other. At least that was natural. Eureka and Ander? Not so much. She goes from butterflies, to feeling weirded out, to viewing Ander as a stalker, to falling in love with him. Talk about a roller coaster.

A little aside. If Eureka and Brooks are such good friends, then why didn’t she notice him changing? I mean everyone else saw it, why not her?

The pacing of this book  could have been a lot better. Probably 5% of the book was spent on the plot and figuring out who Eureka was and why she is important. The first 75% of the book with a bit of the 5% are spent just on Eureka’s daily life and her feeling miserable about everything. Then finally we get the full story of who Eureka is, why she is important, and what Atlantis has to do with her. Then the big battle scene happens and then the book ends. I would have really enjoyed the book if it was just the last 25% of the book with maybe about 10-15% of the build up.

I give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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