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The Cellar Review

The Cellar by Natasha Preston

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I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

The Cellar was not what I expected. I don’t know what I was really expecting, but I do know this wasn’t it. The story was well written with some minor flaws but despite that it had me going from page one. I could not put this down, I wanted to know when and how Summer gets saved from her kidnapper.

This story is told from three different POVs Summer/Lilys, Lewis, and Colin/Clovers. I really enjoyed Colin’s POV more. We got to take a look into his psyche (well sort of, it was very limited). I wish the author went into more detail on why Colin is the way he is. Okay, so his father had an affair with another woman. So why does Colin hate all prostitutes? Because his mother tells him to? How did the whole I am going to kill whores, and kidnap the pure girls and save them from corruption start? These are questions that come up and are never really answered, unfortunately.

Characterization could have been a bit better in the story. We get that the four girls are beautiful and have different hair colors, but that is about the most description we get. It was as if Poppy and Rose had no personality what so ever. Maybe being locked down in the cellar for three years will do that to a person. So I will let that one slide. Summer, we are told is blonde and green eyed. Okay, great thanks. Throughout the entire story we are told that she is stubborn to the core, but we don’t really see that near the end. It was like she got saved and then gave up, so I did not enjoy the end as much. She would get onto Rose all the time about being brainwashed, and not being sympathetic to the fact that she has been a hostage for three years and have seen more horrible things. If I was stuck down in a cellar for three years with a psychopath, I would do whatever I had to to survive and not get killed. Collin/Clover I wish was characterized better. It seemed as if we were just given a laundry list of personality traits that equal out into a serial killer/psychopath. I kept thinking of Dexter the entire time but without the code.

Which brings me on to my next point. Typically, kidnappers have the same MO for everything, so why did he deviate from his to abduct Summer? She wasn’t living on the streets, she doesn’t look as if she is 18, and she has a family who would search for her. So for Colin to pick her, doesn’t make any sense, which was most likely the start of his down fall.

Another problem I had with this story, was how did Lewis know that Colin took Summer? Colin didn’t really give off a vibe that he was a serial killer who stole Lewis’ girlfriend. Well that was until Colin became paranoid that Lewis somehow knew. After the paranoia started, we see Colin quickly becoming more and more unstable. As he was getting more out of control, he would start killing more and more. How in the world does no one notice the influx of killings and the fact that he is taking these women in broad daylight? Also, the murder scenes aren’t really realistic. It’s as if the author has never watched a crime/serial killer movie before.

Okay, some things that I did enjoy about the book. I really liked the way that Lewis never gave up searching for Summer. I think most people his age would have given up a long time ago when such little evidence was found. I did like that for the most part Summer had hope that she would be found throughout the entire novel. I also did like the fact that the author showed us how Summer and Becca were recovering from being kidnapped. (Although I didn’t like Summer’s characterization at that point, but it’s a minor detail)

If you are really into psychological/serial killer novels, then this might not be for you because it’ll bother you too much. If you are just looking for a book to read to pass the time, then this one will do.



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